The Top 5 Home Staging Don’ts




Follow these simple reminders of home staging don’ts so your house won’t be left sitting on the market while others are selling fast.

1. Don’t cover up bad smells with fake ones. Get carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned and then freshen the room by opening the windows. Adding scented candles, sprays or even flowers can be over powering as some people are very sensitive to items that have a strong odor. Just a clean fresh outdoor smell is all you need.

2. Don’t try to quickly clean up for a showing by cramming your closets. Buyers will open them and risk an avalanche of dirty laundry or other items.

3. Don’t leave the pets to greet your buyers. You may think your pets are adorable, but potential buyers may be allergic or afraid. If they know there are pets in the house they may choose not to view the home. Arrange to have them looked after at someone else’s place or take them for a drive or walk during a showing so buyers can view your home in peace.

4. Don’t leave outdated fixtures for the new owners to change. Choose contemporary ones that will modernize your home and get it out of the 20th century.

5. Don’t forget that you never have a second chance to make a first impression. Keep the exterior of your home looking attractive and well-maintained. Buyers can tell a lot about the inside of your home by looking at the outside.

Next week: Home Staging Do’s!

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